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As we start thinking about re-engaging our fraternities, many questions have come up regarding not only
restarting in-person fraternity life but also growing our fraternities. We hardly know where to begin. This can
be a daunting venture. How do we reach people? How do Catholics in our area know our fraternity is here? If
these are questions that you are pondering, this toolkit may be of help to your fraternity.
Our National Executive Council approved a Vocations Toolkit and published it in the Tau some time ago. We
have adapted this toolkit to our region and the fraternities within it. This toolkit will be available on our
Regional Website under the Resources tab. It contains a brochure template that can be adapted to your local
fraternity as well as guides and materials to host a Come and See event. Now is the time to plan for when we
can meet again in larger groups.
As with all things, we must begin with prayer. These prayer cards are also included on the website for easy

National Prayer for Vocations to the Secular Franciscan Order

Composed by Marian R. Crosby, OFS, 2010 National
Fraternity gathering in Scottsdale, AZ

O good and gracious God, God of
mercy, compassion, generosity, and
love, as we live our lives today in the
model of St. Francis, choosing daily to
live the Gospel life, help us to help
others hear your call. Help us to help
others recognize their vocation as a
Secular Franciscan that You have
already planted in their heart. Help us,
so that together we all may work to
bring the Gospel to life. Amen!

To summarize from the OFS-USA Vocations Toolkit, here are some places to start. More information can be
found on the Secular Franciscans USA website and on the Divine Mercy Region website.


  1. Pray for vocations.
  2. Create and distribute promotional brochures
  3. Develop business cards for contact information
  4. Spread the word using social media
  5. Hold a Come & See event
  6. Practice your “elevator speech” about your vocation. (what does it mean to you? Why are you a
    Secular Franciscan? What does that “T” around your neck mean
  7. Record your own testimony and send it to 1.800.Francis@mail.com for posting to the Secular
    Franciscans YouTube Channel.
    ~OFS-USA Vocations “Tool Kit” March 2018

As Regional Vocations Director, I am also available as a regional resource for you. I would be happy to help your
fraternity work through the resources as well as to plan a Come and See event.

Barbara Scott, OFS
(616) 550-5916

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