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T-Shirts for Your Fraternity

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The Region now has T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and hats with the Regional logo on them. You can personalize your fraternity’s t-shirts with the name of your own local Fraternity as well. If you don’t want the name of your fraternity on, simply designate that on the form. Click HERE for more information about the items. This information will also be included in the next Regional Newsletter.

HERE is an extra printable order form. We are asking that fraternities order for their members all at once. Your fraternity’s items should be paid for by sending your checks or money orders to Mike Okragleski OFS, our Regional Treasurer.

Tau Magazine Fall 2020 Issue

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The newest issue of the Tau Magazine is HERE.

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A Message of Hope and Joy

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From Tibor Kauser OFS, our General Minister:

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